5 Day Survival Back Pack (Red)

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5 Day Survival Back Pack (Red) Food and Drink 32 Total Servings (Including Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Brown Sugar Cereal, Creamy Pasta, Southwest Beans and Rice, Hearty Tortilla Soup, and Whey Milk) 5 X 4.227 fl. oz. Water Pouches First Aid and Hygiene 37 Piece First Aid Kit N95 Dust Mask Pocket Tissues 3 Wet Naps Waste Bag Additional Supplies Portable Stove (Including Fuel Tablets) Stainless Steel Cup Squeeze Flashlight 5-in-1 Survival Whistle Waterproof Matches Mylar Blanket Emergency Poncho Playing Cards Additional Backpack Details Food and drink are factory sealed and dated for freshness Store at 55 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal shelf life Flashlight Functions Seatbelt Cutter Hammer to Break Windshield LED Flashlight Flashing Red Alert Lights Mobile Phone Charger Flashlight Features Multi-function tools for auto related emergency situations Easy grip handle and crank for convenient use Quick charge for your mobile phone Ultra-bright LED light for power outages Strong magnetic force to stick to metal for convenient/accessible storage Caution Notice Do not point LED light directly into you eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Crank evenly and steadily. Cranking too slow may prolong charging time. Cranking too fast may damage drive system. Hold steady with two hands when cranking. Keep focused on your cranking hand to avoid injury to your fingers. Only crank up to 3 minutes continuously when the light has some battery power. Crank no more than 10 minutes when light has no battery power and is completely drained. Crank for at least 1 minute per month to prolong the battery life. This product may not fully charge a mobile phone. Only use the supplied USB cord to attach to the flashlight. Use you mobile phone providers USB charging cord to attach to the supplied USB cord.